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In business for more than 35 years

Plimetal provides top-notch steel processing services, including laser cutting, bending and shearing.

About us

For over 35 years, PLIMETAL has been offering a range of high-quality services in the steel processing field, such as laser cutting, tube cutting, bending and roll bending. Our team of experienced professionals takes a tailored approach to meeting the needs of businesses and individuals with precision and skill. Using our state-of-the-art equipment, we carry out all your laser-cutting projects with meticulousness and ingenuity. We consistently aim to produce flawless results when it comes to metal processing.
Our clients are entitled to expert advice and individualized support throughout the realization of their projects. Our offer stands out for the quality of our finished products, our speed of execution and our human-centred and personalized customer service.

Our Core Values

Highest quality

We refuse to settle for anything less than perfection. At our core is a commitment to excellence—from the products we produce, all the way through how we treat you and care for the environment. We strive for exceptional quality in every area of our business – and never let that goal slip.

Speed of execution

With us by your side, you never have to worry about deadlines again. Our team works hard and fast to get the job done right and on time—every single time. No matter what project needs completing, count on us for beneficial results delivered effortlessly.

Personalized service

We understand that everyone's needs are different, and we approach every project with a personalized plan to ensure maximum success. From our expert advice to personalized assistance and reliable communication, you can count on us for a seamless experience throughout your project's completion.

Join the PLIMETAL family !

Team up with our talented, enthusiastic team, and you’ll be set for success. Achieve new heights of commitment and growth in a way that puts your skills on full display.

Our metal processing services

When it comes to metal processing, you can trust our experienced professionals. We have the expertise and skill needed to tackle any project, from simple to complex. Our range of services includes sheet metal cutting, tube cutting, bending and roll bending—ensuring that all your needs are taken care of. With us, you know you’re getting the highest quality results every time.

Sheet metal cutting

Laser cutting unlocks an array of manufacturing possibilities, providing parts with highly aesthetic and precise surfaces. Highly flexible in terms of shapes as well as cutting patterns, this technology is widely used for its speed and outstanding accuracy when it comes to complex geometries. If you’re looking for a reliable way to upgrade your production quality, laser-cutting provides the perfect solution.


Material thickness

Dimension of the cutting table

Tube cutting

Our state-of-the-art tube-cutting robots allow us to handle both small and large format projects quickly while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Material length

Bending and roll bending

Our numerically controlled press brakes make bending complex projects a breeze. Using cutting-edge virtual programming, our team of experts assesses feasibility quickly and ensures quality workmanship that exceeds even the most demanding standards. Our radius and point techniques, along with open punches and roller dies, ensure each job is completed with precision and accuracy in minimal time.

Material length

Contact information

Plimetal provides top-notch steel processing services, including laser cutting, bending and shearing.

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